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“It is not our intention to satisfy our customers; our intention is to amaze them.”


~ Saïd El Kadri


Saïd El Kadri is shaking up the speaking industry—and entertaining audiences—with his unlimited creativity, boundless energy, and fresh perspective. Saïd’s customized presentations inform, inspire, empower, and motivate audience members. It comes as no surprise he has quickly become one of the most requested international speakers and consultants for a variety of industries.

Saïd, corporate trainer, idea consultant, coach and successful entrepreneur, has worked in over 17 countries on 4 continents. His international experience (he can present in English, Spanish and French) combined with humor and a charismatic approach helps him connect with audiences from all backgrounds and all levels of business. This connection is what leads to Saïd’s unparalleled ability to create immediate and sustainable transformations within a company.

Saïd challenges the status quo with his unconventional thinking on everything from communication and creativity to leadership and motivation. One of Saïd’s areas of expertise is customer service; he emphasizes TLC (Think Like your Customer) and teaches businesses, often as a personal advisor to the CEO, how to infuse customer service into their company culture.

Saïd also offers innovative training tailored specifically for each client. His training programs emphasize involvement rather than lecturing to create a high-energy learning environment and stimulate the imagination. Those attending Saïd’s programs better retain what they learn, helping improve performance and creating greater value for the company.


A little more about Saïd

Saïd El Kadri, a native Belgian, began his career in the hospitality and entertainment industry over 20 years ago when he became one of the youngest managers for a prominent tourism company. During his tenure he worked in 17 countries including Austria, Korea, Jamaica, Israel, Spain, Malaysia, Cuba, the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Switzerland, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Turkey, France, Morocco and Mexico. Saïd has produced more than one hundred shows during his entertainment and hospitality career; this experience is what makes Saïd successful at connecting with an audience from any industry and background.

Saïd took advantage of his international employment and became fluent in six languages: French, Spanish, English, Dutch, German, Italian

In 2005, after 15 years in the corporate world, Saïd launched his own business so he could share his extensive experience, passion and innovation with clients across the globe.

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